White grapefruits 10 Kgs

Para garantizar que la fruta llega en perfecto estado, los pedidos se envían los lunes y miércoles por la tarde.

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  • White or yellow grapefruit. White Marsh Seedless.
  • 20% fewer calories than pink grapefruit.
  • No seeds.
  • Straight from the tree to your house.
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This is a 10 kilograms box of white grapefruit juice and table. Large pomelos.

Origin of white grapefruit

Yellow grapefruits of the White Marsh variety. This variety is a hybrid of the seventeenth century that occurred in the plantations of the Caribbean. Do not confuse it with pink or red grapefruit, white grapefruit has 20% less calories than red or pink grapefruit.


The pomelos come from our private estate in Seville, located between the Alcores and the upper area of ​​the Guadalquivir valley. Buy our grapefruit online has benefits because you get the grapefruit directly from the tree to your home.

The warm climate of Seville is perfect for grapefruits to reach an optimum ripeness point. These grapefruits are of great quality, with a great taste and thin skin and also contain a lot of juice, all this is thanks to that we let the grapefruit ripen on the tree and not go through a cold room.

If you want more information or visit the farm to see the grapefruit, you can get in contact us.

Nutritional information of white grapefruit:

NutrientEach 100 g
Calories 30 g
Potasium 135 g
Fibre 1,6 g
Sugar 7 g
Vitamin A 1,150 mg
Magnesium 9 mg
Vitamin C 32 mg

Grapefruits have multiple beneficial properties for the human body:

  • Eliminate blood cholesterol.
  • Grapefruits help prevent cancer since They contain a substance called flavonoids, these substances are able to inhibit cytochrome enzymes by 25%.
  • They can prevent kidney cysts. According to the study published in the British Journal of Pharmacology one of the components of white grapefruit, the flavonoid, successfully blocks the formation of renal cysts.

    If you want to know more about these properties, visit the Buy Pomelos blog


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